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April 23, 2008


What a treat it is to see you at these events and to watch your growth. I am always so honored that you remember me. Each time that I see your work I am amazed at how talented you are. I love listening to your students comments, also, because I remember thinking the same things when I took your classes. Things like, she is so calm; I can't believe that someone that young could handle that much going on in such a graceous manner. You know, things like that.

You and your family add such a breath of fresh air to these events. I meant to tell you how happy I was that you brought you girls with you. They will learn so much more on these trips than they ever will sitting in a classroom. Kudos to youd!

Have a great time at Valley Ridge and Hampton. And please, remember to rest!

Wtih Love,

hi miss stephanie! i am sure i have your email somewhere, but can't locate it. for your junkdrawer metalsmithing class: the oven bake clay - is "sculpey clay" what you are looking for? that's all i've found in my searches so far.
kecia (

You're back, yay and then you'll be gone again, boo hoo. the pics of your girls esp. the one of anabelle just makes me want to laugh and run and feel that kid feeling right at this moment. I felt just like a little kid in your classes with the kindest and clearest teacher ever!thank you, stephanie, Love, wanda

Breathe . . .
You are a machine. A MACHINE. I look forward to catching up with you when you get caught up. :-)

I am ready for your class and look forward to meeting you. I have been soldering some, using your book as a guide. I posted about it recently on my blog:
See ya soon~

Hi, Stephanie! Here's a link to an article in the New York Times indicating a possible reason why the PCB etchant and all its component chemicals have been pulled from store shelves. Yikes.

Whoops, didn't mean to make it look like I think the chemicals are a bad thing. I have followed your photo tutorial and had good results, and will be doing some more with it later this week. Your method works great, and the results are worth whatever effort it takes to bring 'em about. My only problem was when I was using new sheet metal and did not lightly sand it first...if the surface is too slick, the ink will not grab onto it. Thanks again for all you're doing to help us make new metal look old!

hey sweetie...
i'm glad you took a few i can take in your dear way with the written word! i'm thinking seriously of artnest...will be able to make a decision here real soon! xo

SO Glad you home oops your gone again :{

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