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April 09, 2009


GIRLFRIEND...I thought SO MUCH of you last night..while watching The Egg and I on DVD.. smiling and laughing at every line.. every expression on Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray's faces

And HOW lucky was I to be next to you, Mz. Steph on vendor night... of course Artfest...all of it, everyday.. so magical with the bursts of incredible light woven among the already beautiful moments.

Can't wait to see you in Hampton.. maybe we will have the good fortune of vending next to each other again...

OH... I signed up for Journalfest this week, hoping to take not just ONE but both of your INCREDIBLE CLASSES, YEAH!..a reward to myself at the end of the year.. when I get to be a student too.


Gorgeous photos, Stephanie. After hearing about Susan's wonderful class I'm signing up too for later this month; also resetting my camera for black and white and doing my best to follow your luminescent contrail across the sky. You amaze.

i miss... this one part of last year... the anticipation of your class...the gathering for your class... the - being - in your class... the gift of you...

to all those who are on the path to their first - stephanie - experience... i have a smile in my soul for you... you may anticipate the gift you are about to receive... but i trust you will be filled in more ways than you can imagine...

lucky ones...

miss you

Looks like you had an amazing time and a tiring one by that photo of you.Your photos are amazing
Happpy Easter

i love the photo here of you, so beautiful stephanie. it was so wonderful to spend with you again. your photographs inspire me as does your poetry.

and the chicks, sweet...reminds me of the springs past when we got chicks and ducklings, had them under lights, watched them grow. it was the girls job to collect eggs part of the time, and one they never got quite used to. they didn't like reaching under the hens and were always a bit afraid of the roosters, rightfully so. and heather thought that eating anything that came out of a chicken's butt was just gross and beyond her understanding, ha!! she wouldn't eat eggs until she was in her 20's unless they were concealed in baked goods. i look forward to time when we will have chickens again, and a chicken tractor over the garden i miss. cochens are one of my favorite breeds, i just love how they are covered from head to toe with a founce of feathers, they make me smile when they run.

warm hug darlin,

What a wonderful collection of classes - I am in awe of the way RS controls metal.

And now you have had a reminder of the joy and challenge and success we achieved in your classess.

Congratulations on your chicks! Yesterday I was telling Katie how much I loved my Araucanas, the color of their eggs cannot be imitated by any paint in this world, and they are as cute as their eggs are colorful.

For sheer gorgeousness, and they were absolutely amazing , the Brahmas, the ones that dazzled our friends with their feathers covered feet, and for sheer amount of eggs, the Rhode Island Reds that didn't know when to stop, bless them. When the feral cats started showing up around the old house I gave them all away, now I am thinking to get some here in the city. They are undemanding and dear, the perfect symbiotic relationship: I fed them and they fed me. Equality. And a very nice way of practicing it, too. Enjoy your flock, you will have fun.

Your boxes here are stunning. I really love the beauty of their metal simplicity. Great great job.

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