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December 21, 2010


My favorite gift to give is a handwritten note to someone telling them how special they are to me.

To my best friend and her family that have lost their home, I would love to be able to give a home.

i would love write up hundreds of messages of love and send them across the globe. i would love to make all my friends books filled with stories from all their friends about how special and loved they are. and if i could freeze time for just a little bit that might be a great gift for everyone :)

I gifts that I carefully think out. But since the sky's the limit...For several years, I have watched my mom's cognitive skills slip away and I sense the fear she is feeling. I would love to ease her fears and give her the gift of peace.

i also love giving gifts. i would give my aunt a break from her oxygen, so we could make another trip to the hill country in texas. maybe this spring! i hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful christmas. xo

I would love to take the worry of money off my parents mind and give them another grand-baby! That last one just might come true, we will find out soon!!!

Years ago I was president of a German-American women's club in Berlin, a social club whose charter was also charitable. During my tenure, I watched as dues and donations were lavishly given to those chosen to receive. Too often, I thought the giving was more about praise for the giver than about the quality of a gift for the receiver. I wish we could all remember that to give of oneself, with truthful attention to someone's real need, is the most generous gift.

I just want world peace. Not asking for much am I. Actually, if just neighbors could get along that would be a step in the right direction.

Gifts are certainly special. I not only like to give gifts that truly reflect the person I am giving them to, but don't like to give gifts that I would not like myself. Does that make sense?? The past few years a dear friend and I have been exchanging gifts by donating to a charity instead of exchanging gifts at Christmas. We give each other little things all year long so why not share a gift with those less fortunate at this time of the year?

I have a friend who has been down this month. I got up early this past Sunday morning, parked down the street from her house, snuck up to her front yard and placed a beautiful found object angel on her front porch. She thinks someone else did it! This makes me smile! Merry Christmas to you, too!

The gifts I would give are huge Stephanie! And without bringing the party down, it truly is my greatest wish. I have several girlfriends who have lost their children in the past couple of years. I know this time of year is hard on all of us who have lost someone dear to us, but the loss my girlfriends know is unimaginable. My wish for these dear women is that of true peace, to have peace of mind and a heart at ease. I think of these wonderful women so often, and wish only the best for them.

What a wonderful kind gift you are giving, sharing your art, and that of your dear friends! We should all be so good to each other. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

I would give my best friend the money so she could do the course next year that she really wants to do.

I love giving gifts as well, I too gather ideas and information in the back of mind and go out of my way to make those desires become reality for those I love. If I could give anything this holiday season, it would be the gift of healing for those I love, for my mom's heartache, for my aunt's body that's been in pain for a year, for friends who are struggling with sick children, for my husband's pride after losing his job feeling like he's failed us. Healing is what's needed for those I love.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could give the people you loved anything at all....sigh... I would give my hardworking friends and family the things that they would never buy for themselves. I would give my brother and his wife the baby that they so desperately have tried to conceive. I would give my brother and his family living in Korea the means to come home to the US with his family for good. I would give my parents peace of mind knowing that their children will be just fine and carry on their legacy of generosity, encouragement and love. I would give my son the confidence and peace to know that it's always going to be ok. Thank you Stephanie for the gift of creativity and encouragement that you give to all of us. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

My very best friend's husband is facing a serious surgery. They are dealing with insurance issues, stress and worry. I would give him the gift of good health. Since this is not possible I will instead pray for his health and that they can make it through the holidays and try to enjoy family and friends. The fear of the unknown is what is on their mind, so I also wish for the consult with the surgeon before Christmas.

Ahhh, the sky is the limit eh? Well then, healing for everyone on the planet! (and all other planets too... after all, it's a big sky up there :).

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Work, jobs, for people who need them! And peace on earth might be nice. And cupcakes, for one and all!

Merry Christmas!

I would give my mom and dad a day with their parents. We miss them very much and so many things went unsaid. I would love to see my grandparents again and to have them meet my beautiful daughter. Ugh, now I am crying.
Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, Shannon C

I would give jobs to those without if I could give anything this year! Thanks for the awesome chance to win all this inspiration from some of my favorite artists!

I would give my son the money to pay off his student loan! I would give thanks.

If I could I would give my health to my dearest friend John who is battling stage 4 bladder cancer.

If I could change bodies with him and take over his fight I know I would and I know I could win!

He is an amazing person and I am forever changed for knowing him. Because this is not as easy as I would wish, I will just give him the gift of listening. Each and every day he writes to me about his joy and his struggle.

He asked me to keep his letters and to one day, find a way to "Do something with them" the best way I know how. I will do this for day as he requests. But for now, I just listen and read.

It is the least I can do.

i'm not entering your contest, as such. i am thanking you...yes again...only, this time it's for the gifts you give to alllll of us. the gift of your thoughtful heart, so full of love and "realness" it makes me shiver. thanking you for sharing your talents and your WHOLE self with anyone that comes down your path. merry christmas to you "full of life and realness woman" and your whole family. love to you stephanie, wanda. xoxoxo

I keep notes all year long so when gift time comes I have the perfect present for each person. Giving gifts I have made is the best feeling.

Stephanie....if I could give a gift to anyone, I would give my daughter a wonderful man and loving husband. One as good as mine. One who would love her, and take care of her, and all the things a good man would do! Yes, that's my Christmas only wish....yes, that's all I wish =)

You are such a sweetie!! Thank you! This is so incredibly generous and .... I am stunned! Lately, I realize that angels come in all different ways.

If I could give anything, it would be for my sweetie to be as successful as he dreams himself to be. He works so hard & this is a lousy economy, and he just needs some really great breaks. Its what I really want for him.

This one is easy. My mom, an artist, lost her eyesight, I would love to give her the gift of sight. I would love to win one of the classes.Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Wow Stephanie - Such a generous giveaway! Each and every class sounds wonderful and special. I'd give my Mother a heart at peace - she surely needs it and deserves it.

I would give my husband time to work on the book that's been in his brain since I first met him.

wishing you and yoru family a happy, healthy and wonderous 2011 Stephanie!

I love gift-giving too. My favorites are always handmade but I'm usually too ambitious and thus stressed at the last minute trying to get them done but it's worth it anyway. Okay - if the sky were the limit, whirrled peas would top my list too.

Merry Christmas and Here's to 2011!

The gift of time, to my family.

I love this giveaway Stephanie and will be keeping my fingers crossed!
Love reading everyone's gift wishes - so inspiring and heartfelt. I wish I could make all of them come true.

If I could give anyone anything it would be the gift of time and peace enough to enjoy it. So many of us are on this frantic treadmill searching searching searching for something that is probably right in front of us. Thank you, Stephanie, for keeping us inspired and thinking creatively.

I would love to give the gift of healing time and inner strength to all who hurt, who grieve, who ache with life's meaner burdens.
You are a wee christmas angel to offer us an opportunity to shine our artist light freely and without fear, to rekindle that which is brushed aside, ignored and out of practice.

My gift would be that in the days to come each of us takes more risks, believes in ourselves just a little more, has just a bit more confidence than the day before, so that we come closer to reaching our full potential.

a feeling of peace... a tall order but that's what I want for so many people in my life

I'd gift my husband with the ability to be a great cook who insists on cooking every meal! Thanks for this generous giveaway Stephanie and for always being an inspiring and creative diversion. Merry Xmas to you and your family.

The favorite gifts that I am giving this year are the game 'Pandemic' to Michael, who has been looking for the game for 2 years, since he played it at work as an exercise in management, since he is a team leader. I FOUND it!! He wil be sooo excited! The second is a new necklace for my sister-in-law, who just had the lift of her neck. I know she will love it! And, your book to my daughter, an artist in her own right. And, an art kit for my budding artist giving is fun this year!

I'd gift everyone in the world with inner peace, true happiness, and lifelong excellent health. May everyone's wishes come true!

I'd give everyone a perfect childhood. Blessings all.

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity! Oh....if I could give any gift with the sky being the limit I would give my daughter the gift of wisdom. The wisdom to make informed decisions as she approaches her teen years! Happy Holidays everyone!

I would love to be able to give my mother a new set of lungs. (Long story)

If I could give the most amazing gift, it would be the gift of perfect health and wellness...

Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these incredible classes! They all look so wonderful.

I would give my sister the gift of confidence in trying new things and not worrying about what other people think or if she will make a mistake ~ She is such an amazing person but is so worried about what other people think of her that it limits the things she is willing to try!

i would fill my husbands truck up with bags of toys and head to all of the children's hospitals close by. my girls and i would hand out gifts to the sick children and sing Christmas carols and hopefully bring a little holiday spirit to them and their parents. oh and i would take all the moms a special gift too~
merry Christmas.

I would give my mom the gift of traveling the world and living life now that she has retired after working her whole life...

I am already signed up for your e-course but if I could, I would give to my daughters the strength and courage they need to make their way in this world. The ability to be themselves in a world that wants everyone to fit the mold.

I would also like to learn to write as eloquently as Stephanie. You write beautifully!!

My gift would be to my long time boyfriend Randy. I would give him the gift of health. Early this year I almost lost him to heart problems. They have been working to get him healthy again. But he has not felt good for a single day in almost a year. I hate to see him suffer and wish more than anything that there was a way I could make him feel better. He is my champion in all things and loves me more than I could have ever hoped for.

Our family has been having some very rough times this year. So, to my boys, instead of toys and other 5 minute wonders, I am giving a plush rug and some floor pillows, a bookcase and a few choice books so we can curl up together by the fire, read, and have togetherness-bonding time to help fend off the harshness of life right now.

if i could give the impossible,i would give my son his father.
of course,this would also be the greatest gift to myself,as the death of my husband this past september has been difficult for both of us.

This is wonderful! Thanks so very much for such a cool opportunity Stephanie.


If I could give anything I wanted to a dear friend, it would be the power to no longer worry, to no longer have the feelings of stress and anxiety. To know that her son will be okay and that she can make it through this.

Thanks again- this really is an awesome give-away!

I would give my entire family the gift of love, understanding, forgiveness, and present-moment awareness.

Such a beautiful post, Stephanie. But then they all are. When I come here I am always filled with a kind of gentleness that glides over me like a cotton sheet just off the clothesline. Fresh and warmed by the sun, and soothing all at the same time.

I love your idea of giving gifts that are not always an object. I will have to remember this next year.

If I could give any gift, it would be to grant my mother her wish - to live way beyond what the doctors say, and make it two and a half more years to her 80th birthday. We are thankful to have her with us for this Christmas.

I wish for you and your family a most Blessed Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

I would love to give my children the gift of travel, the time to reflect and absorb the world around us.
Thank you Stephanie , for your lovely blog. I enjoy it each time I stop by for a visit. Someday soon, I shall give myself the gift of sitting in a class where you shall be the teacher:). Happy Holidays to you and yours........Lisa. The gal who shall be walking on the beach Christmas day :).

I would love to see all children have a safe, warm, and happy home. Merry Xmas everyone and thanks to Stephanie for such a lovely gift!

Hi Steph,

You are a thoughtful girl, who inspires all of to think and do greater things.

If I could give any gift....I would give my younger brother the gift of walking again.
He was injured in a car accident 21 years ago. He is a paraplegic. He never complains, but I know he feels frustrated everyday.
This gift would go to all the people who have spinal cord injures.
Not asking too much, am I?

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Good 'ol World Peace would be my gift. Whoever thought that Miss America and I would have anything in common. ha! Merry Christmas Stephanie and everyone, and may it be joyful and full of blessings for you and your family.

If I could give anything to anyone? I'd give my nephew the gift of knowing himself and always being strong enough to follow his heart and be authentic.


This is so generous and wonderful. Wow.

If I could give any gift, I'd like for everyone to have access to affordable healthcare. I'd also add free community yoga, meditation, and fitness classes.

I would keep a wad of bills in my pocket and help out every homeless person I came across. I would do it every day.

(I do this now, but in a very tiny insignificant way. When I don't have money on me, I give them my lunch or my coffee.)

thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

Thank you for these lovely gifts Stephanie! One of my dear friends is having such a hard time financially and health-wise; I'd love to make that all better for her.

I'd love to give all the unwanted dogs a home for the holidays. Pets bring so much joy and love to a family.

I have a dear friend I would love to give the gift of healing from trauma of child abuse. That would be an amazing gift.

although i have already signed up for misty mawn's course, it would be wonderful to win. so if i win misty mawn's course, i would give it to a friend to enjoy this amazing adventure.

i would give my parents the opportunity live their greatest dream.

I have dreamed about being an anonymous donor to both loved ones and strangers.

To know someone is smiling because they received an unexpected kindness would be amazing.

All classes look wonderful.

Warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas!!!

i would give the little boy who lives at the methodist home for children in my area the only thing on his wish supplies! and i would be sure they're a year's supply, at least. :)

wow wonderful to think about. I would give strong bones to my sister. real teeth to Julie. A happy childhood to David and Kevin. Comfort and security to everyone. Thanks for the giveaway!

Stephanie, thanks for the classes this has been the best! I am taking your Jan course as well! cannot wait! This past year has been the best and worst for our family, but i know it has served a greater purpose. If i had to choose only one thing, i would choose that my husband be cured of his diabetes he has had for almost 30 years. We have a five year old and i really hope my husband lives to see him marry and have kids of his own! that would truly be a miracle!

If I could give anything this Christmas~i would give both my aunts their sons back that we lost in the past few months. They were both taken much too young.

I would give my mother her memory back. She is suffering from dementia and this may be her last Christmas at home. It saddens me to see her slipping a way a little bit at a time.

All 3 classes look wonderful! Thank you Stephanie, Misty, Michael for such a nice surprise. Ok, I would give the gift of healing and forgiveness and living in the moment to my family first, and then to everyone else (we really need it asap :).

Jobs for my sons in their educational field and homes of their own!!!!!Merry Christmas to all!

Of continued good health to my son and all of us. Also the gift of the love of a good,loving woman in his life again.No one deserves it more than him. He is my hero :o)

I would give everyone joy...

There is an e course a friend of mine wants to take so badly, but she doesn't hv the money to sign up.
I so badly would love to pay for her to sign up.
It's something I wanna do for her soso much.
xo bonnierose

I would give the families who have a soldier away time together for this holiday.

i would give each person who wanted it, a do-over. one chance to take back that misspoken comment, or take that chance they were afraid to, or spend more time with a loved one before it's too late.

Sky is the limit: I would grant fullness of heart (thereby injecting the globe with a healthy giant dose of yippy skippy joy) to all those with a hole or more plaguing their enoughness.

Thank you for your goodness.

my gift would be to my husband who would love to be a professor of history and philosophy (instead of a computer programmer). i know we'll get there someday, but i'm putting that intention out there now. these classes sound just so wonderful. i'd love a chance to be in any of them! :) thank you for your generosity.

merry christmas!

food, clean water and shelter to everyone who needs it. Just the simple basic things for survival so that people can move on and actually live their lives....well, you did say it didn't have to be do-able

there is a gal here in ohio that lost her babies in a fire a few days ago while she was at work. then today she lost her parents while they were driving to be with her. if i had the power, i would turn back the clock, and change the one thing that may have avoided this whole tragedy.

Misty's or yours, i can't decide. i'll leave that choice to you!

Gift giving is so fulfilling because it is really like giving a gift of joy to yourself. I would surely give the gift of walking and running to my husband who is confined to a wheelchair with ALS(Lou Gherigs disease)and then I would give everyone else the courage he displays every day!

I would give the gift of an open, loving, and forgiving heart. And the gift of abundance: love, health, acceptance, security to pursue your dreams.

Happiness. To Everyone.
Happy Holidays Stephanie.
Thanks for the great class.

I would gift to everyone the joy of experiencing the great outdoors and living in peace and love! I would take any one of these terrific workshops - Jamie V in MT

How do you give a peaceful heart and nights of healthy sleep to a friend that has a life filled with difficult trials? I would like to give peace and sleep. Thank you Stephanie for your blog, honesty, artwork and class gifts.

I just saw a very sobering statistic, one on seven Americans depend on food stamps. That means there are a lot of hungry people out here. My heart really aches when I think about hungry kids. So, I would give every one a good homemade hot meal. God bless!

My mother is going through a very traumatic crossroads in her life. I would love to be able to give her the feeling of peace in her heart, and the assurance that all would be well how ever it all unfolds.

To a wonderful friend I would give the gift of freedom from the horrible grief she has been suffering with for way too long.

I would give my dear friend a new start. She has battled with disability, abuse, and wayward teenage children. I would take some of her pain and let her have peace.

Wow this is so generous! I would love to give a large donation to a not for profit learning center where my kids have played, been read stories, painted (for free). It has helped me and many others tremendously.

I would buy each of my children a house. It is so difficult and expensive to raise a family, I would love to take this burden off of them.

ah, i would give the gift of burdens matter how big or small.

a very generous thing you are doing here...thank you.


I would give the gift of time to everyone I know as there doesn't seem to be enough of it these days.


An open heart.

if i could give anyone would be to my son. and i would give him direction. as in what to do with his life. high school was hard. technical school worse. now he's working a part time job and just seems so lost.
i'd give anything to get him on a life path towards something....with big giant steps. no baby steps for him.
and your class and misty's class just make my heart swoon....i'd love to win either one of those.

I thought I would stop by and read another lovely post and what a suprise indeed.If I could give any would be to my closest friend and Sister Ingrid...a plane ticket for her to come to me or for me to go to her...And to have the oppertunity to craft all day..yes every minute,just play.How wonderful.So if I win this generous giveaway it would have to be to your wonderful class "Shifting Ground" then both myself and Ing could take it and talk about for hours.

Thank you so much for this generous Giveaway.
Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Warmest Regards,Cat

I would give confidence and courage to all those facing difficult life situations to help them to stay resilient, strong and meet their challenges with grace and hope.

Happy Holidays! And thank you for your generosity! - Lori

If I could give anything to anyone I would give my daughter the peace of contentment. I know the true way to it is to find it yourself, on your own journey so my gift wouldn't be the peace of it itself, rather the catalyst to set her on her own way to it. The more I think about it though, as I sit here and type, is that I am really trying to give this gift to myself, so I won't worry about her. Mothers and daughters, huh?
Your generosity is unbounded and I am grateful for having forund you here earlier this year. It changed some things for me.

I would gift my grandmother with more time with me. I am not usually there to talk to her as much as I should be. She has dialysis four times a week and I would like to be more present when she has hard days. Thanks for the question and the opportunity for the giveaway. Love your writing and your art!

Gift of classes and experiences are Grand with that capital letter G intended. This year my hubby gets a class at John Campbell Folk School for Christmas and I helped finance the daughter's Chistmas trip home from France where she is teaching for this academic year. ( Theanks Misty for the heads up about this give away)

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