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January 13, 2011


OMG, that is the funniest thing I've watched in ages!! Fingers crossed that my daughter and I can have fun like that together in (14y7m minus 2y1m equals) 12 years and 6 months time!! Awesome.

So funny and so sweet! Thanks for sharing.

there is nothing like being tired goofy with your kids - and you are so right about the wait... i have the most wonderful times with my teen-agers... the relationship shifts and it opens up so much room for different kinds of interaction... thank you for sharing...

that was hilarious! i love teenagers!

love the part where melissa says "we look exactly the same!"
you do.
you could be sisters.


Your not the only one that thinks its funny!!
and darling...Marking laughing memories with our kids are the ones they will remember forever...
Thanks for sharing.


Now I have a kink in my You're both hilarious--love it!

You look like sisters!
Isn't it great to have kids you LIKE!

Love it!

I am so glad that I got to take a class from you and see a bit of your personallity, that makes it that much funnier. Loved watching you two goofballs!

So sweet, loved watching that fun time. xo

Oh man you two are so adorable...

I'm smiling like a simpleton ... with a tear leaking from one eye ... I tear up when I laugh sometimes! So glad I visited you today.

so so sweet- your dauter is so you.

daughter- i do know how to spell- i just can't type!!!!!!!

love it! hahaha!

What a great video, you two are totally adorable! I love that you would share your "dorkiness" with us all. Don't worry, we are all like that in our own ways, just might not be capturing it on video and posting it on the Internet! I'm sure you will enjoy this record of the 2 of you for years to come.

It is totally funny!! My daughter is 29 and we still do dorky stuff like that!! The fun never stops!

I needed this today...your laughter filled me with joy and hope that someday...someday........
maybe I'll share the same kind of laughter again with my daughters, instead of my secret tears.

Brilliant fun!! As I drank my coffee and ate my oatmeal (ooo sooo slowly so as to really taste it!) I had the best laughs with tears running down my cheeks!!! How completely wonderful you two are!! Silly rules the day! Thanks for that window into your life....hahahahahahaha!

This should be required viewing for anyone who's had a bad day. I dare them not to laugh! Now I'm dying to do the same thing with my daughter -- but she's only 7 and already went to bed. Maybe another day.

You are completely insane. That's all I'm saying. Oh, and thanks for the reminder that our duaghters' laughter is just the BEST thing.

Oh my gosh, you two are so cute and great and beautiful and funny! Thank you so much for sharing the dorkiness.

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