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July 16, 2012


YOU my dear, are so amazing! and i love that all the balls stay in the air, while you are juggling them! life is so short, who cares about the stuff in the halls. it can wait. enjoy the summer with the girls and dig in when they return to school! when i get there, we can help each other!! love you.

I started your class today and LOVE IT! Caught a few things on fire I shouldn't have, but all's well that ends well. I hope it's OK, I grabbed your class photo and pimped it on my blog.... if not, tell me and I'll take it down. Thanks! You're incredibly talented and I'm anxious to go again tomorrow. First - there's canning to be done.

two ice chests for a that! starting the class tonight!

HI Rachel,
Thanks so much for sharing about the class on your blog! Im totally good with that!
Looks like youve been having fun today and yes, its a very good idea to make sure something you want to add on is solid, solderable metal. :)
Good luck!!

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