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July 20, 2012


Congratulations granny-to-be! I have 2 granddaughters and it's great, you give them back when they cry! You can buy them treats without having to worry about the day to day expenses like the nappy bill (diaper bill). You're going to have a lot of fun and what a lucky little baby having so much love to be born into. :)
Jess xx

Congratulations Grandma Steph:) You stepdaughter is gorgeous and what a clever way to announce the gender. I am so happy for you and your family!

Congratulations!!!! This baby is going to be beautiful! I, too, am a grandmother. When I found out I decided I was going to have fun with this new title. So they call me "LuLu"! We do have fun!

Congratulations dear Stephanie; once again you are advanced ... I was 40 when Nathan was born. We are both advanced - tee hee. Beautiful news. Babies in your life again and this time you get more rest. xo

Wow! Congratulations grammy to be!! Nothing better than a new baby - you're going to have so much fun!! What a blessing!!

congratulations miss grand MA made me cry...i still are such a special human being, that i am so grateful to have met for such a short time...lucky any of us to have you and your new grand in this world. xoxo

You are in for a very sweet time. The first time you look into this new person's eyes, the first time this person holds arms out for you to hold him/her. Oh, you are in
for a slice of happiness! Enjoy!

Oh Wow! Congratulations! As someone who just turned 35 as well last month, it feels both weird and wonderful! And I can totally relate to the crying-baby-radar-with-automatic-rocking-response... Your ponies are gonna be aunties! That's a huge step for them too. Enjoy this new adventure!

Congratulations!!! Nothing else compares to being a grandma, and lucky you, you get to enjoy this experience at such a young age!!!
Blessings. xo

Grandmas not only love having an itty, bitty baby around, she also loves seeing the parent her child has become....and if Grandma is lucky enough to have another daughter or son, it is also fun to observe how auntie or uncle change and interact with his/her niece or nephew. There are so many aspects to being a Grandma that are heartwarming!

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