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July 17, 2012


and i have said i can't wait to get a border collie when i get there. may reconsider! that has always been my dog of choice, but knew i couldn't raise one here. hmmm.....patience! xo

Oh mama--you do have the best dog ever!! She'll learn the rules, faster than any other dog, and then never forget them. She will learn focus. And she will, I'm sure, eventually learn about hooves...
My Sandy is going on 9 years and is my very first dog. Oh, we've had other dogs, but they've been the kid's. She's all mine. She's helping me train the little rat dog (who may be about 10 months old) that was shoved through our front door into Brent's arms almost 2 months ago. She'll play with him (where the other two don't bother) but she's firm in her discipline, which he seems to understand. He pales in intelligence next to her but he makes it up with moments of sickly cuteness.
Good job, mama, for loving her. I am so excited to hear the rest of the story!!

Tinta and I are almost at 7 months and in the city, so she is leashed all the time. My arm muscles are growing by the second. She is a Spanish Water Dog, also a herder, all energy and smart. My older one, Sienna, is not always the calming, focusing influence that I wish for. I too send out requests to the Universe for PATIENCE. I also send it out for patience for the neighbors who occasionally are the brunt of her nuttiness. Keep up reporting. I am working on "Don't Eat the Rug!" it may be my newest mantra.

i love dog stories! i was the one that just rolled my eyes over the years at my "crazy" friends and their dogs, well all 4 of my kids grew up and moved out, how it happened i do not know but i now have 6 dogs that give me more attention and love than anyone and yes i am definately one of those "crazy" dog owners! i am the family joke now because of how i talk to them and about them, but i do not care and neither do my little grandkids who also love them, and of course i really love my husband for "getting the dog thing". p.s. 30 yrs of being a homehealth rn, i wish i had known about the dog thing as i encountered so many lonely older folks, i would have been giving all my patients dogs! aloha angi in hana

What a sweet faced dog! Can you try bribing family members to tire her out? Maybe she's a dog who loves to be dog tired/all worn out. What a bright determined little dog she looks like!

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