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January 04, 2013


You and me, Pollyanna. Love it!

Beautiful Steph! You're so eloquent and such a good mom!!! xo

Oh so can't wait to take this course. Saving my pennies....I so very much need this. I don't have a pony who is a teenager, but a young very special pony who needs his mommy to "set firm boundries yet to also be the playful leader too".

That really resonated with me. If as you stated "make being with me way more appealing, than moving against me" if I can set a pattern for this while he is still young than hopefully in his teenage years he will still feel that I am the one to turn to during times of growing into the man he will become.

Man being a parent is freaking hard sometimes.

ponies and puppies are very much alike.
they both benefit from taking the "I" out of the equation I've found.

How beautiful is this post! It is wrenching when your ponies begin to break away from the herd, but inevitable. My only daughter is now 33, but how well I remember those years of her pounding out her place in the world, establishing her identity separately from me. When she was aout 19 and away at school, I realized how liberating it was to re-establish my own identity as a person other than a Mom. How nice it was to meet myself again! Today we are the deepest of friends, accepting of each other's individuality. Your positivity, as I see it in this post, will get you there.

Great post.
I came across your blog after reading
Sherri Gaynor's book
"Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the life of your dreams through art"
(great book on the creative process,even though I'm not into scrap-booking)
and this post in particular struck a cord with me,and your book looks interesting as well.
I did a post on gratitude on Dec 1st on my own blog -

and I think what you say about gratitude is right on.
Good luck with your book and future works.

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