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July 17, 2014


happy birthday gf. thanks for sharing your journey. this post was especially moving and helpful! sandy

this might be the loveliest "love letter to self" I've ever read!

and this... "I passed the buck, denied my superpowers, cultivated envy, and dropped balls and told myself it was all part of the sentimental artist persona that didn't waste creative energy on even learning practical things, let alone doing them with confidence." ... this. yes. exactly!

you, my dear, are the epithet of expansion. xo

So much of what you wrote is speaking to me right now, in this time when I'm in joyfear, where big changes are on the wind. I, too, see where I've been playing small, denying my power. Your post is exactly what I needed to hear right now. That I'm OK, that this fear is just resistance and mis-guided reaction to shaking up the status quo. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! A wonderful post, as relevant to me at 72(!) as it is to you. So good you've learned so much at this age; I wish I had done the same, but I'm still learning. xxx

this is so so raw and lovely, in all it's grit.

My birthday is July 18. I wish I had read this on or before my birthday. In Judaism you are supposed to do this kind of soul searching and careful inward reflection for your birthday. I'm in a place where looking in is so painful I'm avoiding it. But you have inspired me to go deeper. Thank you for sharing. I have lots to do for 48.

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