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February 20, 2008


okay,stephanie, so another plastering class with trish segg. when carolyn and i get to asilomar you will have such a wealth added during these times to our classes...i'll need glasses to hold me down till april rolls around. love, wanda
your mom is awesome!

I'm going to be plastering all week with the new techniques I learned in this class. Woke up in the night with about a million new ideas. Girl, you are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you truly for lighting my fire. xoxo

Beautiful booties!

i loved the visual of sue vaulting onto 'the queens' bed, hahahahaaa!!!

this class was dy-no-mite, just the creative explosion i needed. i agree with judy, my mind is awash in plaster, thank you for sharing your wealth of YOU with us. mmwwhhaaaa!!!

oh, this looks like such fun, stephanie. and with such lovely souls, to boot!

i've been trying to remember to tell you that peter gabriel's Passion is one of my MOST favorite all time cd's. incredible, and obscure enough that i never tire of it!!!!!
i can't tell you how excited i am about the book coming soon - you are amazing. hold that head up high, and shine some of that inspiring radiance back down to us! xx

what an amazing spirit your sweet mom ,i know where your generous spirit comes from....
we can all learn from such generous souls...

Sweetie, Mom here. It is true, I may be the world's fastest crocheter-- but I did not crochet 1,000 afghans in a year (That's almost three per day!)--although I can crochet ONE in a day. Last year I did donate 1,748 items to the Humanitarian Center, but that included sewing clothing for children in orphanages: 151 dresses, 172 pants and shorts, 80 shirts, as well as 545 pairs of baby booties and 680 pairs of crocheted slippers. Making for you those 50 pairs of booties from angora was a hare/hair-raising experience! I love you, Mom

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