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February 29, 2008


"...they are the barometer that tell me how well (or not so well) I am aligned with my purpose..."

Oh. My. Yes. YES! (thank you for that!)

We should all be so serene and level-headed at such a giddy time! More proof that you are deserving of the bounty of accolades you have worked hard for.

just received your book and i am having a blast. nothing like some fresh info to help get the creative instincts going. thank you.

Guess what? I am over the moon because (South African version of Amazon) has Semiprecious Salvage. I don't know who to be more impressed with. Kalahari for being so "with it" or with you for writing a book so good that Kalahari has it already. It must be pretty good!

i'm ordering mine NOW! cannot wait to see what you've done this time! many congrats! you ever sooooo humble sweetie!

it is cold here by the mailbox(lol)
but i know it is worth the wait....

Its normal for you too have so many emotions,Just enjoy the ride Stephi it will be okay
Jen C
PS eating Marshmallows?? By the Po box

It arrived and I love it!!! I expected eye candy but I didn't expect it to be so chock-full of great information!

Thank you!


P.S. I was so sorry to have to miss you when you were up my way (Snohomish).

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