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February 25, 2008


SO exciting!!!

there you go again with the " I only hope that you are not dissapointed" thing - do NOT say that again! no one will be disappointed, they'll be excited to get a book like this. i know i am!!!!
good luck with shipping them out - you are far better at these things than i. my shipping dept. is sadly lacking, lol...
anxiously awaiting - xoxoxo

Can't WAIT!! This is going to be such fun. Thanks! and I wish I were that organized. It usually takes til I am halfway thru a project for me to realize that there were things that could have all been done at the same time..alas

i am stalking my mailbox in anticipation of the so excited, i cannot wait to pour through the pages......thank~you sweet girl...

i am stalking my mailbox in anticipation of the so excited, i cannot wait to pour through the pages......thank~you sweet girl...

congratulations on your book! i am excited to see it!

this is so exciting!!! i am just dancing with joy for you today! look at all of them stacked up...beautiful!

can't wait until that book flies its way up here so i can dive in and soak it all up...

congratulations miss stephanie!!!

OH OH Im so excited camped near the letter box waiting in OZ Im up to my 6 packet of marshmallows Cant wait
Congratulations Im really proud of you

I am so excited to receive my copy! I cant even begin to imagine the rush and waves of emotions you must be swept away on! Take a moment to breathe, every chance you get, and try to be really present in this moment. You are accomplshed!! Bright blessings!

WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Congratulations you marvelous woman you! How wonderful!!! I am sure Vinnietheman is so very proud of you that he doesn't mind punching tags at all!!!!

Waaaay to go, Steph!! Can't wait for the book -- thank you SO much!!

Wow - 200 copies, thank goodness you're a woman with fine tuned organizational abilities! What an exciting time for you - to see all the efforts of your labor in a beautiful book so many people will enjoy. Congratulations!!

Dear Stephanie,

I HAD to leave this comment!
I came here through Nina's blog and when I saw your picture I thought "I saw this face recently, but where?", and then I saw your blog entry and the picture of your new book and everything clicked...
On one of my endless visits to my local Barnes & Nobles yesterday, I went throught the Crafts section (one of my weaknesses, even though I am not an artist) and out of all the 4 or 5 books on display on one of the top shelves-there it was-YOUR BOOK!!
It was the only one that captured my attention, the only one I browsed through, and that's where I saw your picture for the first time.
What a coincidence that in a space of 24 hours not only I had the pleasure to find your book and now Nina brings me to you.
The book is great! I loved the belt buckle and so many of the other projects.
And I ended up bringing "you" back home with me :)

Congratulations! I just bought your book yesterday at Borders, then came home and saw Nina had mentioned it on her blog! So I was really glad I had bought it while I was out, or else I would have had to go back out again to get it. It's really beautiful. I never buy books on impulse -- I can wait a couple of days to get them on amazon and save several bucks -- but the instant I saw yours, I was like, whoa, gotta have it, NOW! Great stuff!

Congrats on your book! I look forward to seeing it!
Marissa does amazing work..she's the best designer EVER! :)

the book is fabulous!

I am taking the day off to read it over and enjoy every bit of it.

I am taking all of your classes at Art & soul VA. I am looking forward to meeting you.


Just ordered my autographed copy from you on the it today!! Talk about organized! And talk about wonderful! The premise and storyline are only overshadowed by the brilliance of the art and the concise way you present the steps for each creation. You should be thrilled with yourself and dancing on the moon! It is a treasure.....

I just ordered your book. I can't wait to get it!!!

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