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March 19, 2008


Thanks for the well-written & very helpful tutorial :~) I loved the "Things to do while metal is etching" in your delightful style! Hopefully, today's attempt for me will be better than yesterday's. You are right about using caution - this stuff is nasty & needs to be treated with respect. Thanks again for the beautifully done explanation!

Had to stop in and say thank you for this wonderfully written tutorial. Someday I just might need to try this. You never know. I always enjoy your post.

TTTTTTTTTTTTthhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnkkkkkkkkkkkk you for the tutorial,stephanie. i am so visual and hands on, and your book is so great for that! i can't wait to dig is so i might know a little something before your classes. carolyn and i chose classes that are far and away from what we do ordinarily..oh wait what's ordinary? Love, wanda

Wonderful tutorial Stephanie! Mmmm, makes me want to get out the copper and have a go. Love those pokey-dotted boots too. xoxox

Hi. I am new to you..I have ordered your book, I have signed up at Clackamas for your "chain" and Junk classes. I would like to bring a bit of sterling silver to class. 18-20 gauge?? and how much, a foot...or 2?? I like the idea of "old" looking silver...what is the best wire to get for that? In the book will it go over what kind of torch to get?? Thanks a bunch. Laurie

thanks steph! i tried the same method, and it works great, probably a mixed blessing that radio shack KO'd the PCB. so much faster, but definitely stinkier. a trade off i can live with.

Took a few classes with you last year at Art and Soul. Will be back for more (Hampton).

What a great tutorial, Stephanie!! I plan on trying it asap...I use copper a lot....drawing into and embossing then painting. This will be a great addition.

So....did you like science when you were in school? :-) Wouldn't this have been a great science project.

thank you for the great information.
this is so much better than having to send off for esoteric materials.
i am a convert to muriatic acid.
on a somber note i read a story of murderer who tried to get rid of bodies with the stuff.....but we don't do that with bad husbands-do we?

thank you for the great information.
this is so much better than having to send off for esoteric materials.
i am a convert to muriatic acid.
on a somber note i read a story of murderer who tried to get rid of bodies with the stuff.....but we don't do that with bad husbands-do we?

fabulous tutorial stephanie, thank you!!! and i loved trotting along with you, taking your little breaks to feed bunny, stir soup, and whisper with St. Francis...

Hi Stephanie:

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial! In addition to the white paint, you can also use White Out - especially cool since it now comes in pens as a resist. We tried it in school with silver and copper and it worked beautifully.

I forgot to give you thanks, thanks and more thanks for all your safety reminders. There are people out there who teach this technique and never even mention the hazards to both people and the environment.

And, last, but not least - you so funny!

Thanks so much for the tutorial, must try it along with the other things in your fabulous book.

Thanks for sharing Steph your amazing.LOve your sneek peek to

My current favorite book is yours. Every day I'm perusing it and getting new ideas. Thank you for writing this!!! ( yes, I already thanked you before)
You can't realize how invigorating it is for me to have a new book of ideas and techniques, all packaged in archeological whimsy. Bless you.

I just bought your book today, I'm so glad I checked your blog. I have wanted to do the etching forever! I can't wait to try it out. Thank you for sharing this alternative. Your book is wonderful and I plan on telling everyone I know about it!


Info on the muriatic acid bath:!--A-better-etc/

When using it with copper, apparently you can reuse the solution!

Stephanie thank-you for such an excellent tutorial. I have had such disatisfying results with the PCB solution that I can't wait to try this.
I sat in the bookstore last weekend and drooled over your new book. There are so many good ones out lately that I can't keep up, but this one made it to the top of my "must have" list. Congratulations!

Yes, thanks for the great tutorial! I loved your book so much that I ordered a 2nd copy and sent it to my friend who I don't get to see nearly enough. She loves it too.

I picked up the Muriatic Acid at Tractor Supply Company today. I have a few sheets of copper and brass. I've been pouring through pages and pages of information on the internet but was still a little shaky on it all. I don't know how I missed this tutorial before. It makes perfect sense to me now!

The water/oughta thing confuses me. I read another good one, the AAA golden rule - Always Add Acid. It's easier for me to remember. Hopefully I won't blow the barn up.

THANK you for providing this! I ordered your book today but it was killing me do this so I took a chance and came to your blog. My friend Beth Bricker made us a TDF necklace with an etched plaque on it (she'd learned from your book) and her trades at Hampton were etched coins (I got one of those, too!) LOVE your bunny pic, too!

I just read this tutorial and it is terrific! I've been using ferric chloride for my etching and it works very well, but the waiting time drives me crazy! (I am very impatient...) I'm looking forward to trying this technique out! Thanks so much!

WOW this is FANTAStic!! I had no idea it was so simple, or that i could get the chemicals easily. Thank you!!!!!!

JUST LOVE THIS BOOK! I have some copper foil and I tried the etching technique....which worked great, but almost ate right through! I need to get some thicker sheet, but I can't find in the book exactly what gauge nickel and copper you were using. I may just be missing it, but can you post what thickness is easy to cut, but thick enough to etch? Thank you so much and I'm already waiting on your NEXT BOOK!

Thanks for the great info! and I love your runny babbit!

Thanks for sharing!! Look forward to purchasing your book sometime soon!

Wow love the tutorial love your stuff my kind of jewelry

Hello Stephanie,

I just came across your wonderful tutorial on copper etching and just love it. I would like to speak with you about writing the tutorial for the June issue of Wire Art Magazine ( If you are interested please contact me via email at [email protected] and we can discuss the details.

Thank You,
Jim McIntosh
Editor, Wire Art Magazine
email: [email protected]

My brother the chemical engineer explained to me that the toxicity is not only in the acid solution it is in the copper compound that remains. This copper sludge should go to a hazardous waste facility.

Excellent tutorial with the safety instructions.

To echo Anne-Marie even if the solution is neutral, it is not safe to dump it on the ground.

Copper chloride and other copper compounds are extremely toxic to aquatic wildlife. Please dispose of it as hazardous waste. You may also contact your local university to see if they can help you dispose of it.

- a biochemist and naturalist

This is the best tutorial I have seen on this process yet. I have tried it and now I am obsessed with etching. Thank you so much!

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