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February 03, 2009


What a beautiful and heartfelt story I just love it

Yes! It is a wonderful story, and a cool idea.

I've done that before but it was with a little plastic monster. Much better if we were using a pretty heart-- not nearly as scary when you find it in an unexpected place. : )

That's a great story thanks for sharing.

What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful and heart warming story, and the best part about it is that it is factual, not something dreamed up in a fictional world. xo

just love this story...

These are so precious, as is your story. I have goosebumps and tears . . . and a few hearts to leave here and there.

I just love stories like this! your hearts are wonderful!

you, evidently need to make more hearts, my dear...
there looks to be a major lovefest underway
(or so says your etsy shop)!

ahhhh, such a lovely story, beautiful stephanie, just like the storyteller...

it really is such a beautiful story! i love it and the hearts!

Beautiful, beautiful story. A world exchanging love instead of the opposite is a dream worth sharing - thank you for doing that!

oh my goodness, stephanie, thanks for sharing with all of us. that is just too........! now wait just a doggone minute, did you have hearts on etsy? what did they look like? what? love, wanda

what an incredible story. thanks for sharing. those hearts flew out of your shop and into the world. are there more coming??


This is such a sweet and beautiful story. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. It makes my heart swell with possibilities of love and connection.

Can you get a picture of your original heart you made? Would love to see it:) These are wonderful ! Thanks for sharing your story:)

I made my way here from a recommendation from Corrine (from New Zealand) in a comment on one of my recent posts ... she thought I would like to read the story & she was absolutely correct. :)

please excuse me while I spend a little time checking out your hearts and other fine offering.

cheers, ~M~

I love that story and idea! What a wonderful thing to do.

what a love story...happy valentines day my friend...hugs, rebecca

What a beautiful love story - romantic in every way - i am envious of this sort of love in a partner.

thank you for sharing

My husband used to write up a little loveletter on Post-Its every morning and put it in with my lunch-- but I could never wait until lunch to read it! People sometimes make a little fun of us because we're so 'lovely-dovey' after 8 years of marriage. I just smile and think they don't understand! This is a tradition that just got adopted by our family! By the way-- love your book, I use it constantly for inspiration!

Over from Diane's ... I have a thing for hearts ... and your mother's and her husband's exchange reminds me of the little animals my husband I used to hide with a note for the other .. I must look for them and start anew because you're right, its a wonderful feeling.

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