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October 29, 2009


love every word of this post.
bravo to you for being honest with yourself about what you really want to share/do and making it happen.


Stephanie, this is fabulous...I think I am in love with the "no frills" approach that you described above. I had been signed up for a creative writing class that was supposed to begin a few weeks ago, but due to low enrollment it was cancelled. I will be in line waiting to sign up, since I am also a bit intimidated in looking at other people's fabulously painted and adorned journals. Let's just write...right?

Misty mentioned to me the other day that you were also getting an online class ready, so congratulations to you as well...I'm sure it's a bit daunting but it will be wonderful.

I loved your telling of the cafe. When I was young my family took a vacation every year. My father was a tinsmith so money was tight. He saved all year just to take us across the USA--said it was a good education. And it was! Anyway, with money being tight, these cafes gave us cheap but good nourishment, a few giggles and a couple terrifying incidents along the way. Thanks so much for bringing back those great memories!

It's great that you are taking up this creative journaling class. Your blog is so beautifully written--I know you will do great things with the class!

Hi - I've been following your blog for a while now and absolutely love your writing! To say I'm thrilled that you're offering an online class would be putting it mildly. I'm looking forward to stretching and expanding creatively.

oh what a beautiful post to read on a rainy morning. being brave, so proud of you. leap, dive...any class you teach will unfold into beautiful sunshine. sprigs of wirey, uneven curly willow....sign me up lady!

i was one of your guinea pigs at journalfest, and i am not-so-paitently awaiting your online class!

Steph, Oh my, how exciting! I would love to be included in this journaling class. I enjoy reading your writings and would love the opportunity to do this with you. Kudos!

Looking forward to hearing and seeing more on this.... it sounds wonderful!

Hi, Steph,
I am definately in for this class! I started writing as a form of therapy when I went through a divorce in '83. It was very helpful in my recognizing my feelings and where I wanted my life to go. Can't wait for the details.

I hung on every word. I, deep breath, am a generic journaler. Well, I'm not generic, well maybe I am, who knows. Oops sidetracked. I love art. Wish I could create art. Wish I could get the vision in my head to poop out my fingertips onto the paper. I don't have that. I have words. I can poop out words all day long. Some of the word combos are good, some are bad...some are REALLY good, especially the ones I thought but didn't write down. I truly figure I'll remember them when I am ready to write, but it doesn't really work for me that way. I'd love to be a part of your class. Just so you know.

ohhh yes, can't wait - would love to take a class from you online...
as i read about your upcoming trip - i longingly wished to go too - to somehow teleport learn, to be inspired!

many blessings!

stephanie - so nice to see you again. i LOVED your class and really enjoyed making my journal. when i think back now - it went so fast! thank you for being such a great teacher! see you in Vegas AND artfest, since Keli talked me into taking your Santos class (like that was hard to do!)


Hello Mentor,
I was one of you students at Journalfest. I enjoyed the class so much! I would have never guessed that you had any nervousness. I wrote about the class today on my blog, there are a few pictures of you at work. Stop by if you have the chance.
I agree with you, weren't some of those journals incredible and inspiring? So much talent out there. The class that you are proposing sounds wonderful, and I hope I can join you, and I wish you much success.

You write so beautifully Steph

This sounds really intriguing Steph! I would love to participate. I love your words.

i, too, was one of your writing-class-virgins at the wonder that was jouranlFEST dealy-bob and what a wonderful day it was. changed EVERYTHING!! wonderful, wonderful!! you rock, little lady. love your writing. love that you are going out on a limb here. i have a dream, too, that is gestating still..........scary stuff, but thx for the courage you showed and the path that says anyone can follow with their heart if they so desire. thx for being a catalyst! xoxoxox wendy from whidbey (and RR!!)

I am so looking forward to this. I sat in the diner. I saw your pooch (with rollers in her hair).

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