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November 04, 2009


Seriously, I could read your words forever. Where do you find such descriptive, visual adjectives? I can feel your excitement's literally beaming through my MacBook. I can't wait until day one, already signed up which I'm sure you already can see...this is going to be a fantastic journey!


I am so excited for you and looking forward to this experience. I want to become a better writer, this sounds to me to be just what I am looking for. Hugs!

Oh wonderful dear you! SO happy you are launching this! yeah!

Hi Stephanie - I have to thank you again. I took your Selective Seeing class in Ft Collins last August. We have an annual ball and auction at my school each year and I did a picture of my 3rd grade class using the skills you taught. Believe it or not, our picture was the highest bid item and went for $1200.00!!! It beat out 2 airline tickets to anywhere in the US ($800) and 22 tickets to a Nuggets game ($1000)!

Thank you! Im super excited too! Im walking around feeling mostly giddy. Its been a while since ive felt that for such a stretch! :)

How are you?

I miss yoU! :)


DON'T WALK ...... R-U-N !!!! to sign up for this workshop....I participated in her Journalfest class and LOVED IT every minute!

I'm so looking forward to this!! If I can't do these things in person because of distance, then surely I can do them from the comfort of my own home. Won't be quite the same...but it will be good nevertheless!

thank you so much for all the work in offering this experience online for those of us who haven't yet had the opportunity to travel to one of your amazing workshops :)

i too can't wait for day one...

Hi Stephanie,

I'm excited to take your journaling class. I was just curious what your background was and who you are since your about link does not work. Alexis

So excited- butterflies in my stomach too because I have never taken a Journaling class. I am a big fan of your beautiful writings so I know this will be amazing.

I just signed up and I can so hardly wait.
Thank you!

I just signed up to take your journaling class! I am excited! Thank you for offering it!

I am just reading this post the morning after the class started. Is it too late to join? I would really love (need) to be part of this class. It sounds fantastic!

Loks like I am too late. Will you be repeating this class or any others? My 2 daughters and I are interested.

Hello Stephanie, Am really excited to start the May 10th Journaling class. I have journaled for a number of years and am looking forward to your may 10th class. Just signed up yesterday which I am very enthused about. I love the journaling process, and am looking forward to learning new things to make my journaling fresher and even more "me " than it is. My email is [email protected]. Have not heard back from you yet, but will be looking forward to starting the class. Thanks for offering this great idea online. Jeanne

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