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October 26, 2011


I am so grateful I stumbled into your blog that one day. "drive up the ribs of God"...what a beautiful description! How do you do it?? Best of all, I am grateful you have a kid that's in the background pictures too! So funny!!!!

Stephanie, this is all because of you. Sometimes I just walk outside and breathe in the crisp air and love that smell and feeling. Outside! Your post today reminded me of the smell of the forest and how I miss that. MISS CAMPING. I know. Banana bread with walnuts and raisins. The good good good things in life. And the photo of youse with the kid in the background? Hilarious!!

Love and miss you.

just love all of your beautiful images, as always...stopping by for a visit to your blog never disappoints, and just what i need at 4:30 a.m. when sleep is just not an option. thank you for reminding me, i need to make some banana bread with those lovely dark bananas on the kitchen counter. : )

Stephanie, Your writing is like a breath of fresh air today! I, too, love Elizabeth Berg...thanks for the breather, now, for me, back to creating!

Hi Stephanie,
I love your wonderful blog. Is there any possibility you might be selling this current class as a DVD, sometime later? I'm still very slooooowly making my way through Katie's class, and would love to take yours too, later, if you might be sending out a DVD of it. In any case, happy sweet autumn to you, Patsy

Stephanie , Your beautiful discriptions takes me there! As a child I used to visit my dad in Oregon every summer, he no longer lives there. My husband just got back from a week near the Salem area on a business trip. I asked him to bring a little bit of Oregon back for me. He came home with a little bag of pinecones and a stick from the Rouge River. I used to picnic there as a child too. I plan to use these pieces of Oregon nature in my art somehow.

Stephanie, as usual, your writing blows me away with its ability to take the reader exactly where you lead them. I read your words and it's as if I am standing right there under those redwoods with you. But mostly, I love things like that picture of you and The Man with that kid behind you - hilarious!! P.S. Missed you at Journalfest this year. xo

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