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November 07, 2011


wow! i love your town, but it does lack the cute businesses that could be. the brightest spot in town is the mural, and the wonderful station restaurant. i like project ignite the best, because this will only be the beginning, the ignition. then it will skyrocket!! wish i was there already to help. soon......soon. what a great giveaway and project. much love and success to you. xo

and i would use my certificate to buy the dvd's of our class!!

Wow, Stephanie, what an AWESOME project you are hatching! It all sounds wonderful, can't wait to see the photos of the upcoming installations. So wonderful of you to do this for your town.

The name that came to me when I read your post is "Shine Out", to encourage people to let their natural light shine out so others can see it. Clearly, you are already doing that!

Steph! I'm proud to call you family! So awesome, what you're doing! Let me know if I can help you in any way! I'll keep my brain open to ideas and inspiration as I'm out and about snapping photos. I thought (and I don't want your Amazon card! Keep it and use it for materials!) maybe something with some alliteration would have a nice ring to it, like "Wishing Windows," or Window Wishes, or Sculptures of Sweetness, Ideal Installations, Inspiration Installations, Windows for Love, Art for Aspiration, Art for Action, Active Windows, Project Urge & Inspire...something like that. I don't know if the perfect one is in there, but something's gotta come close. Anyway, good luck, hope I can help out in some little way!

I came up with Project Inspire. You inspire others to ignite their own creativity, and I admire you for that. Continue to inspire, Stephanie!

How about Glimpses of Greatness? I wish you much success with this grand project you have started.

this is AWESOME.

i don't think my name suggestion is really your thing :) but all that comes to mind is
'the uplift mofo party plan'

i think i just ripped that from red hot chili peppers.

but it fits because it's such a positive thing.

Hi Stephanie, I don't always have a chance to read your posts but today I did...and I'm glad I had the time!

I think what you're doing is a true inspiration to everyone whoever felt like complaining about their own Main St. Our little American towns are facing hard times.

What your message says to me reminds me of that poem by Marianne Williamson...

My thought would be the "We All Shine Project" ... if you choose to use this please donate the prize to the cause!

Thank you for your inspiration and I can't wait to see what the installations look like...please post them!

I'm so excited to see how this turns out! What a neat concept and an awesome contribution!

Hmmmm. How about "Greater than One"? Lots of things you could do with that...focus on the great or focus on the aspect of unity, community, togetherness. Focus on the uniqueness of individuals who contribute to make the sum greater than the parts., etc.

How wonderful, Stephanie! Oh, how I wished I lived in your small community. I would be the first to volunteer. I hope you will share your growth and art with photos on your blog. I am excited for you!

After reading your post, I was thinking of Building Blessings or Kindred Spirits United.

you totally rock stephanie...i love what you are bout "project inspiration...come together thru art"...if this phrase works...i donate back to the wonderful cause...keep on keepin` well...

I just thought about Shine On~ because it's an active name with a positive verb. When I was reading your post, Instant Karma started playing in my head :)

Wait to go for spreading the light!

What about Intersection? Its at the crossroad literally, but also the intersection of people, ideas, and art.

I also saw said Project Inspire... I like that too.

And um, if you do choose mine. I'd love your Plaster e=book instead. I have your book and took the class but am kicking myself for not getting the ebook at the discounted price.

How about The Together Project or Project Together? Or Come Together, Spark Together, Art Together, Create Together or just Together?

I *love* what you are doing!

For some reason, if you pick me, even though I'm a book lover, please use the funds towards your community project. :)

I kept thinking Inspire, Spark, Shine. I know we were supposed to pick a title but I am so bad at this.

How about "Spread Joy" or "Thrive!" Ugh. I am bad at this, too. I just want you to know that I think your idea is absolutely magnificent. And you are absolutely awesome! I hope you take some photos because I will be so very sad if I don't get to see how amazing it turns out!

I like the words spark and shine.

I think this is a great idea. Maybe it will even turn into something bigger than you are thinking of now. Hope so!

When I got to the bottom, the name that came to me was, "Shine Up"
Like you are going to shine up the town. And lift up the spirits and get thing up and going.

What an amazing project - that's a wonderful thing you are starting - i liked the idea of spark but turned into project sparkle - making the town sparkle a little, letting your creativity sparkle in the windows, adding sparkle to the people's lives you will be affecting - a sparkle of light in the darkness.
Good luck and can't wait to see some photos. x

Wow! Another fantastic, awesome, inspiring and "can't wait to see it" project from the GREAT Stephanie Lee.

My vote is "IGNITE!" Just one word, that says it all! LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

Love to throw some money at you to help, is there a button to push to contribute, or shall I just hand you some cold, hard cash. I hope your "photography" ideas are panning out.

Amazing, amazing!
See you soon.

Is there a "donate" button somewhere?

Your post brought tears to my eyes. You do have such a way with words, the way you described the people in your town and wanting to uplift them in some way. From the lady with the big O on the back of her car to the boy with head hanging who wears black.

As I was reading your post on the lovely thing you want to do for your town I kept on thinking of the poem by Maya Angelou "Still I Rise" two stanza's in particular.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise.

Being from a small town myself (population 2,700 not counting the men's prison down the road) it is hard to see the empty store fronts, and the bitter feud between some members of the community and what is perceived as lack of fiscal responsibility by our town's government. It is so easy to get bogged down in the muck, and I so very much like your idea of reminding the community what a great place it really is. Each of us has greatness in us, we just need to remember that sometimes.

Still I Rise!

Wonderful! Good for you Steph, I am not surprised. You have found one more thing to add to your amazing array of talent, sculpture, or kind of! I love it, every single word. I live on an island with about the same number of people, totally know what you are talking about. It is kind of like a small boat, every square foot matters. In a small town, every single person matters, they affect, more than they think. In a good way, or not in a good way, that is their choice. You are choosing to contribute in a fabulous way, a way of "giving back" to your community. This is an act of courage, commitment and selflessness, and you have my total respect. I see the project as a "Reflection" of each person, as they see themselves in the community. Your messages will give them pause to reflect on how lucky they are to live there, and have each other. Every single person matters. Each person affects their surroundings daily, and I think that is forgotten. Even in a small community, you can be invisible.

You go girl, show them all what you're thinking. They will love you more for it, and recognize you for the love you hold in your heart, and make the world a better place for so many, something we art followers already know!

Lots of love, Riki

You are a smart cookie! It takes courage to tell everyone what you are you have to do it, lol! I was thinking maybe "Spirit of (your town)" and you could even have a different theme each month. Spirit of love, spirit of spring, spirit of (school mascot).

Do you feel the breeze coming, the warm draft from all the positive energy moving your way? Spread your wings, Stephanie. And yes, please post pictures. LOTS of pictures. April

How about "New Light Through Old Windows"?

I visit your blog occasionally, and I am always inspired or uplifted by your ideas! But this is one great big Shining Star of an idea! I commend you, Lady! The word that has often come to my mind when times are grim, and seems no light at the end of the tunnel is "perseverance." This is the attitude that founded this country and has kept us going through all the hard times, wars, and political dramas. We Shall Persevere, and we do! I wish I lived closer to you, I would jump in with both feet and roll as many newspapers as needed with a smile! I will donate to your fund, just as soon as I have some extra $$ not many floating around these days! But I continue to persevere and believe tomorrow will be grand!

i'm late so probably missed whatever deadline existed... but i read your post and thought "Simple Gifts". there, very simple :)

Fabulous Stephanie, just fabulous. Maybe you could call it that! best of luck...

Wow, I've missed a lot while I've been away! Your project sounds amazing! I love that you are giving your time, talent, and supplies for such a worthy project. I can't wait to see how it evolves!

Our town is much like yours--with just unde 3,000 people including the rurual areas. Our downtown is nearly dead, and there doesn't seem to be any enthusiasm for change here. Most of them commute to another city to work, so they seem a bit detached when it comes to growing the town.


THIS is so wonderful Stephanie!
I can't wait to follow you and all the inspiration you are sharing
with the community and now the larger community!!

The best of luck!!

Cate Brown

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